BellagioPots Twitch Live Stream Schedule Announced

1 year ago
BellagioPots Twitch Live Stream Schedule Announced
24 Aug

‘Poker On The Strip’ takes on a new meaning when the famous Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas streams its cash games, the BellagioPOTS fast becoming one of the must-watch Twitch streams for fans of the game, with the likes of Eli Elezra, Tony G and vlogger of the year Andrew Neeme showing up in last season’s shows.

The good news is, the Bellagio boys and girls have just released the schedule for this fall season, with a wide range of buy-ins and even PLO on the menu as they kick off on September 10th at the home of Bobby’s Room and countless huge events, such as the WPT.

There has already been interest shown by some big names in the poker community, Doug Polk’s Upswing Poker stablemate Ryan Fee having his own ideas taken seriously by the casino…

…while Aria casino Director of Poker Operations Sean McCormack and podcaster par excellence Chicago Joey Ingram apparently well up for a PLO battle, October 22nd and 23rd the dates for that game…

YouTube is the place to head for snippets of previous BellagioPOTS streams, while their TwitchTV channel is the home of the livestreams, and you can watch any the previous 17 streams to see what the fuss is all about.

The Bellagio bills itself as Las Vegas' premier poker destination, featuring 37 tables, and is certainly making a name for itself with its casino livestreams, following the lead of ‘Live at the Bike’, which sees livestreamed action from the Bicycle Club and Casino in California.

With traditional TV poker shows few and far-between, the more the merrier is order of the day for fans of the game, and BellagioPOTS is a welcome, and with their new schedule a hopefully now permanent addition to the Twitch community.

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