Updates on Mike Postle Poker Cheating Scandal at StonesLive

2 years ago
Updates on Mike Postle Poker Cheating Scandal at StonesLive
04 Oct

The cheating allegations aimed at Mike Postle have grown arms and legs since our initial report, details of a potripper-beating winrate, possible accomplices and a new investigation by the poker room all hitting the news yesterday…

Postle’s unbelievable play and incredible winning streak on the Stones Live Poker stream gave rise to some serious allegations of potential wrongdoing earlier this week, Veronica Brill, aka Angry Polak on Twitter, first to go public with her concerns.

That led to some forensic dissection of almost every hand of every streamed session Postle has played over the past year, and the results are incriminating

Potripper, in the graph above, was the superuser who took $millions from players on Ultimate Bet, using a God-mode hack to see his opponents’ cards. The Potripper account, as well as several others used for cheating, was later confirmed to belong to 1994 WSOP Main Event champ Russ Hamilton.

Postle’s winrate is several orders higher even than Potripper, leaving very little doubt that he has access to everyone’s hole cards, with several of the world’s leading poker players calling for action to be taken…

The community-led investigation still hasn’t figured out exactly how Postle has been getting his information, but again there has been some very strange behaviour shown by Postle pointing in the direction of possible hidden technology in his baseball cap, as well as simple mobile phone communication from an accomplice.

StonesLive Poker had earlier refuted claims that cheating had been going on for some time in their livestreamed game, but yesterday they promised a new investigation

…although the fact that Kuraitis has been named as the most likely probable accomplice has left many sceptical about how transparent or objective any such investigation might be.

Kuraitis being put in the frame as possibly involved came about after it was found that Postle’s rare non-winning sessions coincided almost exactly with Kuraitis not being at Stones.

Stones’ management have yet to respond to questions from PokerTube relating to the allegations, but it seems they may have to answer to the court system.

Popular ‘poker lawyer’ Mac VerStandig has been engaged on behalf of some of the players affected by Postle’s alleged cheating…

…and it appears this is one poker story that will not be buried away without answers.

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