Is Jonathan Little Unfairly Cashing in on Postlegate Scandal?

2 years ago
Is Jonathan Little Unfairly Cashing in on Postlegate Scandal?
14 Oct

Popular poker pro Jonathan Little has been accused of cashing in on the Mike Postle cheating scandal, the author of several poker books changing the title of one of his YouTube videos, leading many to believe he ‘outed’ Postle months ago…

Originally entitled ‘Getting Out-of-Line in a $5/$10 Cash Game!’ the YouTube video seen above above now reads ‘God Mode (or Cheating?) by Mike Postle in a $5/$10 Cash Game’.

With no mention of Little’s recent title change on the YouTube hand breakdown, many searching for content on ‘Postlegate’ have stumbled upon Little’s June video and believed he was ‘ahead of the curve’ in the cheating scandal.

‘Seems you were ahead of the game on the Mike Postle scandal, well done sir, gotta get all these scumbags out of the game’, wrote Louis Dorchin in the YT comments.

Antzzz Manzzz posted:

‘Wow Johnathon Little, you questioned Postle as possible cheater in June 6, 2019 way before anyone...I’m guessing you analyzed his hands history but had no proof n couldn’t really call him out...keep up the good work good man’.

Bill Fields was less enthusiastic about Little’s apparent sleight of hand…

When Little first tweeted out his re-titled video he did indeed mention that is was an old one re-hashed in light of Postle’s recently-alleged cheating


The issue also made its way to the 314-page, 7848-comments and rising 2plus2 forum thread, Little’s move described as ‘kinda shady’ and ‘kind of sketchy’ by a couple of forumites.

Another went deeper, R*R, stating: 

'Just checked, while when he's called out on it in the comments he sometimes responds to acknowledge that he did change the title… However, he's still hearting and upvoting the people giving him props for being the first to call out Postle, thus reinforcing their false notion that he was the first and ensuring they get more visibility than the non-hearted and non-upvoted explanations of the title change'.

The poster added:

‘Seems like he's playing it both ways and letting those who fell for it fall further instead of correcting them when they call him the goat and praise him for seeing it months before anyone else'.

He ends by calling for a new thread to discuss ‘Little's cto social engagement?’ That cto is a play on GTO, and here likely stands for ‘clickbait theory optimal’.

Whether or not Little’s attempt to monetise or popularise his videos in this way is justifiable or not, the pro has certainly given plenty to poker and added much to the Postle debate.

This week, among many other useful Twitter posts and shares related to Postlegate, he ran a lengthy interview with the lawyer behind the court case against Postle and others believed to be somehow involved in the cheating scandal.


Mac Verstandig, who is representing at least 25 players in the roughly $20million legal action, happens to be Little’s own personal lawyer and is someone the poker community have turned to on many occasions to seek redress.

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