Is Mike Postle Really A Cheat?

2 years ago
Is Mike Postle Really A Cheat?
10 Oct

The biggest poker story of the year has seen Mike Postle accused of cheating during Twitch TV streamed cash games, but is the evidence and poker community 100% against him? Here’s a look at some who don’t necessarily think so…

partypoker man Patrick Leonard has first-hand experience of being wrongly-accused of wrongdoing, and the subsequent trial by media that often ensues.

Leonard explained his views in several Twitter posts, playing a Devil’s Advocate of sorts as ‘Postlegate’ continues to dominate the poker headlines.

"As a community I think we have obligation to present really clean information that’s all," says Leonard, adding: "If we all comment/like every post that is bad and don’t acknowledge the others then and make this standard then in future ACTUAL innocent people will be wrongfully punished."

For those who have somehow missed the background to this massive story, Postle has been accused of somehow accessing hole card information.

His win-rates at the cash game tables in the StonesLive Poker streamed games in California have been likened to the scandalous Ultimate Bet Potripper account.

Added to this is his very strange behaviour, and betting patterns that would seem to be only possible if he knew his opponents’ cards in most situations.

Leonard’s argument, it has to be said, is not that he feels Postle is innocent – he doesn’t - but rather is aimed against the approach taken by the community.

Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow has been even more vociferous in his defence of Postle and the ‘witchhunt’ against him, although his two-part podcast interview failed to shine much light on the issue.

Mike hit back at his critics in a follow-up tweet:

"Remember I gave him a platform to speak at 1245 am till 4 am to tell his side! I had 0 insight except for a few hands so I did my best!"

On the 2plus2 poker forum, where 95%+ of posts and posters believe Postle to be guilty as sin, there are still a few trying to keep things within reason, in particular with respect to anyone else who may be involved in the alleged cheating.

Arty McFly wrote:

"P.S. We all (me included) have to stop jumping to conclusions, try and minimize any confirmation bias, and find rational explanations for anything odd that we see."

While an internal investigation apparently underway, it will be interesting to see what the ‘official’ verdict is, but naturally in the meantime we’ll bring you the most topical updates on Postlegate.

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