Veronica Brill - The Real Hero Of The Stones Live Poker Cheating Scandal

2 years ago
Veronica Brill - The Real Hero Of The Stones Live Poker Cheating Scandal
12 Oct

What do Mark Felt, Frank Serpico, Karen Silkwood and Veronica Brill all have in common? Whistleblowing, of course, and although poker is less ‘important’ than political malfeasance, police corruption or the safety of our nuclear power industry, the game of poker still needs people who speak out when things are rotten

Enter Angry_Polak, Brill’s nickname on Twitter, with a brave move to publicly out the alleged shady shenanigans of Mike Postle and those working with him at Stones Live Poker to allegedly cheat supposed friends, colleagues and others at the table.

Veronica was putting not only her favourite game and part-time commentary gig at risk, but also – and most importantly for the majority of poker players – putting her reputation on the line.

To her great credit, Brill didn’t come out all guns blazing, naming and shaming as many might have done. First, she raised her concerns with those supposedly in charge of the game and its broadcast. That, however, got her nowhere fast – a supposed investigation claiming a clean-sheet for the game.

However, as time went on, Brill became increasingly convinced that things were far from kosher, and there needed to be an outside investigation.

That’s where her friend Joey Ingram came in, one of the most popular podcasters in the poker industry and known for his deep investigations in the poker world. When Ingram went down the Stones rabbithole, however, what he found shocked the entire community.

Within a week, the poker community had dissected the entire playing history of Mike Postle, every hand and every session of his streamed play logged, every time he looked at the phone in his crotch, every touch of his strangely-bulging baseball cap.

Experts in RFID technology chimed in, legal eagles gave their theories and every poker player or fan worthy of the name devoted hour after hour to building, or pulling apart, every possible theory.

For Veronica Brill, the whistleblower, it proved that her poker spidey-sense wasn’t far off the mark. But while she was relieved, some were personally attacking her

Even her own part-time employers at Stones were tweeting out that her allegations were ‘completely fabricated’ and ‘made public with absolutely no evidence’.

Others were engaged in disgusting attacks on her personal life and history, but, importantly, the vast majority were complimenting Veronica on doing the right thing

The upshot of the combined bravery, ingenuity and talents of the poker community policing – or at least investigating – its own, is that this week a lawsuit was filed against Postle, the Stones Gambling House and its poker manager Justin Kuraitis

The poker community’s thanks, of course, must go to Veronica 'Angry_Polak' Brill for starting that ball rolling!

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