Mike Postle Denies Cheating Allegations On The Mouthpiece Podcast

2 years ago
Mike Postle Denies Cheating Allegations On The Mouthpiece Podcast
07 Oct

The Mike Postle cheating allegations took a bizarre twist when a completely stoned  Mike The Mouth Matusow ran a trainwreck interview with Postle, likening the under-suspicion player’s predicament to Trump and fake news.

As our earlier reports covered, Postle has been accused of cheating on livestreamed cash games at Stones Gambling House in Sacramento – the figure of $250,000 being bandied about for his allegedly underhand profiteering.

Very few players have any doubt that Postle’s play and profits from the game is simply too ridiculous to be kosher, but Matusow is apparently among that minority.

 Matusow’s stumbling opening spiel was more than many could bear to listen to,  the Mouth telling Postle:

“I just want you to know I'm not like all these other fucking jack-offs… I, you know I'm a real person … I believe in … I'm a little stoned …innocent before proven guilty.”

The Postlegate scandal has dominated the headlines all week, ever since StonesLive Poker player and occasional commentator Veronica Angry_Polak Brill went public with her suspicions.

Unhappy about the outcome of an alleged ‘investigation’ into concerns she raised earlier this year, Brill’s initial tweets have prompted the biggest community-led investigation into wrongdoing since the Ultimate Bet Potripper/Russ Hamilton scandal.

Mike Postle’s play on the stream has been forensically dissected by the likes of Joey Ingram, Doug Polk and many others, all coming to the conclusion that Postle somehow has access to the hole cards of his opponents.

Matusow’s interview, however, did almost nothing to shine a light on Postle’s sun-run at the Stones’ streamed cash tables.

One poster on the 2+2 forum stated of the podcast:

"Of all the people to get this interview it's the painfully stupid Matusow, high on god knows what (note the jaw grinding), with his equally high wife/girlfriend shouting crap from off camera. A real ****-show and a complete embarrassment. His lack of prep, lack of knowledge, lack of professionalism... just lol."

The Twitterverse was also soon awash with posts ridiculing Matusow’s ability to conduct even the most basic of grillings as Postle went public for the first time since the scandal broke.

 Well-known pro Christopher Kruk was among those distinctly unimpressed with the rambling, often off-point and opaque interview…


…with WSOP bracelet winner and HighStakes ambassador Joseph subiime Cheong equally dismayed by the lost opportunity…

The cheating scandal has already made it to several local and national news networks, FOX40 interviewing Doug Polk while ESPN ran a piece on it via Scott van Pelt on his SportsCenter newscast…

Stones Gambling House have since promised a full investigation, but news that the investigation team would be headed by the owner’s personal attorney wasn’t quite what the poker community had in mind…

What happens now is unclear, but well-known attorney Mac Verstandig has already contacted many players affected by the alleged cheating, with a view to filing a lawsuit

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