Andrew Neeme Blasts Life Balance Concept for Ambitious Poker Players

1 year ago
Andrew Neeme Blasts Life Balance Concept for Ambitious Poker Players
19 Mar

Andrew Neeme is one of the most popular YouTube poker vloggers. He might not be rivaling Doug Polk on the numbers front yet but he’s definitely getting there with his refreshing style. Neeme’s secret appears to be that he is just an average guy making his way in the world of live poker across the USA.

The Michigan native set his stall out at the end of 2016 when he published his pilot episode and has been gaining fans rapidly ever since. This is why the Reddit community was delighted when he agreed to do an “Ask Me Anything”.

Straight away people were interested in whether or not Neeme was going concentrate on his poker career, or now that he is established would he be looking to build his brand as a YouTube producer. The answer resonated with just how the world is changing in this hi-tech age. Neeme explained how careers such as YouTuber and Twitch streamer will become more normal as time goes on. Another angle on that is how it’s becoming useless to ask people what their five-year plan is. This is simply because you “have to be willing to adjust your sails faster” in the modern world.

One fan wanted to know how Neeme balanced his life with a wife and a career with extreme time demands. His answer might surprise more than a few of you.

“I used to believe in this concept of 'balance' and it being important to your professional success. My current thoughts on it are that it's total bullshit.”

He goes on to tell how his opinion is that you do what you need to fulfill your life goals. If you want to crush, then you simply have to grind for it.

Those of you who think you can out-grind the mere mortals will be shocked to hear that Neeme’s longest session played was a monster 28 hours long. He also mentioned that it was not to be recommended!

A great piece of advice to finish with was a reply to somebody asking how to build a bankroll from the beginning.

“Work your day job during the day, grind poker in the evenings and on weekends, and cut out all of the unnecessary spending and social time that you can. It's what I did when I first started.”

This was coupled with the non-negotiable rule of sticking to correct bankroll requirements, and then you can’t go wrong.

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