Daniel Negreanu Jumps to Alec Torelli’s Defence in Cheating Row

2 years ago
Daniel Negreanu Jumps to Alec Torelli’s Defence in Cheating Row
28 Jul

Daniel Negreanu took to Twitter to defend serially-accused angleshooter Alec Torelli last night, swinging wildly at anyone who dared to criticise or disagree with him – your scribe included – stating of the year-old Torelli allegations:

“It is so beyond stupid I can’t fathom anyone buying it”.

Beyond stupid or not, the Torelli ‘cheating’ incident, which made multiple headlines last year, saw him clearly hiding high value chips behind his stack in a televised Poker Night in America cash game…

This caused a huge, and soon to become very public, furore when he proceeded to reveal them against Daniel Wolf, following Wolf’s all-in – gaining important information from Wolf in the process. Negreanu, however, was entirely unconvinced…

That reply appeared to be aimed at your writer’s own incredulous tweet, asking whether Negreanu had viewed the ‘ssSuperSoak’ video above, and which brought up the likely real reason Negreanu was so quick and vociferous in his defence of Alec Torelli - Doug Polk.

The long-running feud between Negreanu and Polk is well-documented, and Polk was instrumental in bringing Torelli’s cheating to light, with many unsurprised at Dnegs’ reaction, the 2+2 forum picking up where they left off months ago.

‘Videopro’ stated of Negreanu’s defence:

"Way to jump into the conversation a year after the event! The jury is already in and the video has been carefully analyzed by numerous folks. Alex is an angle shooting scumbag and Danny once again backs a scumbag that he thinks is a friend of his".

Thomas ‘SrslySirius’ Keeling, who has worked with Polk on his YouTube vlogs, added:

"More likely just 'enemy of my enemy is my friend' pettiness. He does this a lot, even if the person he's supporting is indefensible".

Torelli, who released his own version of what occurred on the PNiA show, also tweeted on Negreanu’s feed last night, albeit briefly…

Negreanu was in fine form, however, threatening all kinds of Twitter blocks throughout the evening…

…although this may well have been aimed at those who continually troll his political commentaries, rather than the likes of myself who very occasionally delve into the Twittersphere to comment on poker matters.

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