Poker Pros on Psychedelics

2 years ago
Poker Pros on Psychedelics
25 May

The run up to the WSOP often sees the players chatting about smoking pot in the casino parking lot, but US pro Olivier Busquet has taken the conversation one step further, his mind drifting to even stronger hallucinogenics

Not that the 36-year old New Yorker has plans to actually take some LSD or other psychedelics during the World Series – although on occasion Phil Hellmuth might as well have done, given his disbelief at what his opponents show down half the time – but it turns out Busquet may have found the perfect person to quench his curiosity.

Another pro who offered some help was Tim Reilly, adding some visuals to give Busquet an idea of what to expect if he owns a cat…

…and it would appear that poker fans are not exactly unacquainted with the effects of strong drugs given the numerous knowledgeable replies he received…

Although LSD among some other drugs might not be recommended at the table, stoned poker winners aren’t entirely unheard of

…and part-time poker player, full-time party playboy Dan Bilzerian is set to launch his own Cannabis brand ‘Ignite’ shortly…

…which may or may not be in time to keep the WSOP masses supplied with their second-favourite bit of green

…and despite Nevada’s recent legalizing of certain marijuana products, it’s unlikely that the Rio will look favourably on anyone smoking or taking anything much during the WSOP this year.

Notwithstanding Busquet’s interest in psychedelics and all the others who engage in a bit of social drug-taking, there have also been many careers and lives ruined by drugs among the poker community – ranging from Stu Ungar’s untimely death to Merson (pictured above) and Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow’s battles with addiction.

More recently, poker pro Micah Raskin was arrested and charged with possession of 350 pounds of marijuana – with a street value of over $½million – as well as various other drug and gun offences.

Just this week Bradley Ruben was arrested, alleged to have consumed a marijuana-laced edible shortly before crashing into a parked car, killing one person in the collision, Ruben then fleeing the scene and resisting arrest.

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