Postlegate Whistleblower Veronica Brill Reveals Inner Workings of Stones Cheating Scandal

2 years ago
Postlegate Whistleblower Veronica Brill Reveals Inner Workings of Stones Cheating Scandal
12 Nov

Postlegate whistleblower Veronica Brill has opened up about the background to the biggest poker story of the year and shed light on some new details, including the fact that some of the players affected have refused to join the lawsuit

In an interview with CardPlayer magazine, Veronica – aka Angry_Polak on Twitter – explained how she her mid and low-stake grinding transferred into a commentary role on the StonesLive Poker stream.

That, as anyone who has followed the cheating scandal, led her through a maze of concerns surrounding the play of Mike Postle, and the roll of Stones Gambling House poker-room boss Justin Kuraitis.

Veronica recalls how Postle was “just a regular cash game grinder. A reg in the room. A reg in Sacramento”, before he became the God-like crusher who allegedly made $250,000 from the livestreamed cash games on offer at Stones.

“He didn’t have a crazy reputation of crushing every game before 2018”, says Veronica, revealing friends playing $5-$10 with Postle claim he was “a losing player in that game from what everybody has seen”.

The alleged cheating, now the subject of a $30million lawsuit and Department of Justice investigation, was burst open by Brill who had seen more than enough dubious action from her commentary booth vantage point.

“I felt as though I had seen enough to go public with it”, Brill told Cardplayer’s Steve Schult, adding: “I felt like someone needed to do it, and I didn’t think anybody would.”

That last point, says Brill, was because Justin Kuraitis had blown her off when she raised the possibility that Postle’s play was far from kosher.

Claiming that he had instigated an independent investigation earlier this year, Kuraitis told Brill:

Absolutely not. There’s zero percent chance that anything is happening,” when quizzed on Postle’s possible cheating.

Kuraitis, says Brill, “made every decision. He had sole control of Stones Live Poker”, revealing that:

“He had an IT director of Stones that he pushed out of the entire operation because the guy was asking questions”.

Brill’s whistleblowing came at some personal cost, stating:

“I received texts from some of his good friends. I wouldn’t say they threatened me, but I would say they were pretty horrendous texts”.

She is also confused by the fact that several of those who may have been cheated out of vast sums by Postle haven’t joined the lawsuit launched by Mac Vertsandig on behalf of the players.

“It’s concerning”, she says, that “some people didn’t join the lawsuit, which I find odd. Some people have been really quiet about it… not saying anything in public.”

There has been no recent public comment by either Stones, their legal team, Postle, Kuraitis or the California Gambling Control Commission.

That is why, many believe, it’s up to the poker community to keep the pressure on and the alleged scandal in the public domain. The full CardPlayer interview with Brill can be found here.

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