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Latin American Poker and Film Blogger. When he's not playing Stud 8, he's complaining that not many people play Stud 8.

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Promos, 1 year ago

Global Poker Rewards your Daily Grind with a Literal Bonanza of Tournaments

Introducing the Global Poker Bonanza - Weekly and Daily Challenges that invite you to SC$500 and SC$5000 daily and weekly tournaments.

Online Poker , 1 year ago

'OptimusCreamCake' Wins the Inaugural Global Poker Championships Main Event

'OptimusCreamCake' beats 'Gatton2019' heads-up to become the first ever Global Poker Championships Main Event Winner.

Live Poker Events, 1 year ago

Roberto Carvallo Takes Down The 2017 Punta Cana Poker Classic for $97,590

After a tough final table, Chilean Roberto Carvallo outlasted 382 other players to win this year's Punta Cana Poker Classic.

Victims of Baccarat Pyramid Scheme Fight Each Other As Real Con Artist Escapes Justice

The High Court of the Republic of Singapore concluded a lawsuit between Lee Hwee Yeow and two sales reps from "SureWin4U", despite the CEO of the company being "missing" since 2014. To Sponsor Esports European League Season 2 will sponsor the season 2 of the Esports European League, a CS: GO league broadcasted on Channel C8.

Promos, 1 year ago

Global Poker Sets Up an Action-Packed Conclusion To The Eagle Cup

Global Poker's Eagle Cup has had 28 days of tournaments, more than 150 champions and over SC$1,250,000 in guarantees.

Two Senators are Fighting for Online Poker in Australia

Australian senators David Leyonhjelm and Cory Bernardi addressed the Senate’s ECRC to argue for online poker.

Live Poker Events, 1 year ago

The Hand that Busted Jason Somerville out of the Run It Up Reno Main Event

The 2017 Run It Up Reno Main Event is underway but it will have to go on without its founder -Jason Somerville (AKA JCarver).

Pennsylvania Senate Could Vote On Online Gambling as Soon as Wednesday

A gaming package legalizing online poker in Pennsylvania could be introduced to the State's Senate as soon as Monday, seeing a vote by Wednesday.

Promos, 1 year ago

Global Poker Saved The Best of The Eagle Cup For Last

The Eagle Cup finishes its third week and once again every single tournament far exceeded the guarantee.

The World Poker Tour and ELC Gaming Unite for an E-Sports/Poker Festival

Ourgame’s World Poker Tour and ELC Gaming celebrated the first Poker/E-sports festival.

New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware Sign Deal to Share Online Poker Player Pools

New Jersey entered an interstate compact with Nevada and Delaware to share online poker player pools

Videoslots Saves PKR Software From its Incompetent Managers

Online Casino operator Videoslots bought PKR's 3D Poker software. Will they take it to its max potential or repeat the mistakes of the past?

Former PokerStars Pro Ike Haxton Criticizes PokerStars Power Up

Isaac Haxton was once one of the most hardworking PokerStars pros in the roster, now he is Star Groups' harshest critic.

Italian Senator Against EU Online Poker Liquidity Sharing

Italian senator and leader of an anti-mafia commission, Franco Mirabelli has concerns about how poker liquidity could be used by criminals.