Mike Postle In Hiding As $10Million Lawsuit Heads To Court

2 years ago
Mike Postle In Hiding As $10Million Lawsuit Heads To Court
11 Jan

Postlegate erupted again this week as the lawyer representing almost 100 poker players in a $10million lawsuit claimed that alleged cheater Mike Postle has been hiding from the court summons

Mac Verstandig, a lawyer who specialises in poker and gambling-related cases, revealed in a court filing that he himself visited Postle’s home in Sacramento, California last week to deliver the court papers.

This followed no less than five unsuccessful attempts by a hired process server to serve notice on Postle in late December, and Verstandig’s account explains why this might be.

Claiming that he knocked on Postle’s door for eight minutes, Verstandig says ‘observed lights to be on’ in the house and ‘heard noises emanate from inside of the house.'

Verstandig then retreated to his car, turning off the lights as he waited for something to happen.

That, says the lawyer is when he ‘then saw a male, meeting the description of the Defendant (whose description I know from viewing myriad photographs, viewing dozens of video recordings, and one personal meeting prior to this litigation), inside the House, standing atop the stairwell.’

He added:

"I commenced to knock on the door and ring the doorbell interchangeably once again so as to announce my presence. I witnessed movements through a window curtain and noises drawing nearer to the door upon which I was knocking.”

This should be enough to consider Postle served with notice, claims Verstandig claims in his court filing, asking for US District Judge Morrison C. England to move the civil case forward.

In another surprising revelation, Vertsnaidg says that attempts to contact Postle’s supposed lawyer, William Portanova, have fallen flat.

Portanova initially responded on Postle’s behalf in interviews, but Verstandig says that the attorney is now claiming to be only a criminal lawyer and does not represent Postle in the civil case, and is now not returning calls.

For those who have missed the biggest poker scandal in recent memory, Mike Postle was accused of cheating in a livestreamed cash game at the Stones Live Gambling Hall in Sacramento.

Veronica Brill, the whistleblower who helped launch a huge poker community investigation into the incidents, is among almost 100 players seeking restitution via the $10million lawsuit.

Postle has refuted the claims against him, but has appeared only on the Mike the Mouth Matusow podcast to defend himself.

Matt Berkey was among dozens of poker players who have attempted to show just how Postle might have cheated.

For a sample of the livestreamed hands that show Postle allegedly cheating, this top 5 article discusses them.

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