Anonymous Claims That Mike Postle Played At Other Casinos During Alleged Cheating Streak

2 years ago
Anonymous Claims That Mike Postle Played At Other Casinos During Alleged Cheating Streak
20 Jan

Rounder Life magazine has continued its ‘investigation’ into the Mike Postle scandal by publishing an article that claims an ‘unnamed’ manager at an ‘unnamed’ casino played ‘hundreds of hours’ against the alleged cheat

Last week saw the ‘casino lifestyle’ magazine claim that the winrate of Postle during his livestreamed cash games at Stones Gambling House in Sacramento was much lower than previously suggested in various 2plus2 forum posts.

The magazine came under fire following their initial article as it was revealed that Postle worked for them over decade ago, sparking rumours that Rounder Life were supporting their former colleague, and that Postle himself may have been behind the article.

This week’s ‘exclusive’ from Rounder Life, penned by David B. Lukow, Esq. is titled “Postle may have played regularly at other casino”.

It focuses on the prior assertion that Postle – who is later described as ‘an elite pro’ by the magazine - played very little poker elsewhere during his sun-run on the Stones Live Poker stream.

Describing it as ‘a core accusation in the cheating allegations’, the article states that:

“According to someone in management at another California casino, however, Postle played at the unnamed venue on a regular basis".

Rounder Life claim:

"The manager of the second casino has said Postle played hundreds of hours at his place of employment during the time period it’s alleged he didn’t play anywhere but Stones".

Unfortunately for those hoping to get an insight into just which casino and who is making the claims, Lukow adds:

“The manager, following advice of the casino’s attorney, remains anonymous and declined an interview.”

They added:

“In a text message, the manager went on to say he’s 'rooting for Mike to have his day to shine'.”

The magazine includes several quotes relating to Postle’s apparent focus only on the Stones livestreamed game, including one from initial whistleblower Veronica 'Angry_Polak' Brill, from a interview she gave:

“Word started spreading that Postle was only playing livestream by the beginning of this year, yet he was not playing in any of the really good, juicy cash games that were available to him.”

A community-led investigation followed, one that led to the current and ongoing $30million civil lawsuit and criminal investigation by the California Department of Justice Bureau of Gambling Control.

So far nobody else has come forward to back up any of the Rounder Life anonymous assertions that Postle played serious and long sessions elsewhere.

In a disclaimer at the foot of their most recent article, Rounder Life states:

"In 2007 Rounder Magazine recognized Mike Postle as an elite pro and provided him with merchandise to promote the Rounder brand. No other considerations have been provided. Mr. Postle has never had ownership rights, nor has he ever been employed by Rounder."

Stating that they are ‘not in a position to determine Mike Postle's guilt or innocence’, the magazine insists:

"We will continue to pursue all relevant facts related to this case and report such, whether they support or disprove the charges".

Rounder Life have yet to address the meat and bones of Postlegate, namely Mike Postle’s bizarre table behaviour including staring at the phone hidden in his lap during the incredible and hugely profitable lines he took in hundreds of hands.

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