Mike Postle Fights to Dismiss Nevada Cheating Lawsuit by Marle Cordeiro

2 years ago
Mike Postle Fights to Dismiss Nevada Cheating Lawsuit by Marle Cordeiro
25 Jun

Mike Postle has made moves to have the latest cheating lawsuit dismissed in a Nevada court. This comes only three weeks after the first lawsuit to be filed regarding the cheating allegations was thrown out by a California judge.

The Fight Goes On

The first lawsuit was filed in the state of California by around 90 plaintiffs seeking justice against Postle, Stones, and Stones’ tournament director Justin Kuraitis

In a decision that shocked the community, it appeared that the case was thrown out because there was no proof that the plaintiffs were harmed specifically, as opposed to any possible poker players.

It wasn’t a totally lost cause as US District Court Judge William Shubb invited the plaintiffs to present an amended motion in the coming months.

For now, Postle only faces a single plaintiff in Nevada - Marle Cordeiro

This lawsuit is slightly different in that Cordeiro alleges that Postle specifically targeted her by convincing her to travel to California from her home in Nevada. And just like in the California case, Postle did his utmost to not get served with the papers.

The five causes of action in the lawsuit are as follows:

  1. Violation of Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) by using wire transmissions to cheat
  2. Fraud for falsely claiming to be an honest player
  3. Negligent misrepresentation by claiming Stones games were honest
  4. Negligence per se by devising a scheme by which defraud by means of false pretenses
  5. Negligence per se for violating the California Penal Code regarding cheating in a gambling game

Motion to Dismiss

Postle’s latest motion to dismiss is based on him not being a resident of the state - “lack of personal jurisdiction, or, in the alternative, based on forum non conveniens.”. 

He argues that California would be a better place to hold the case, which is a massive joke looking at what’s just happened.

Just for good measure there was an accusation of forum shopping thrown in. This is the repeated filing of motions in jurisdictions that are thought to be favourable to the plaintiff, and often enough to get the case dismissed.

Cordeiro’s lawyer, Mac VerStandig, is thought to be getting a reply ready to keep the case going. We should hear more next month about both cases, and see if there is any prospect of Postle ever facing justice.

Our extensive coverage of the Postlegate scandal can be viewed below for those wishing to brush up on the entire case:

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