Stones Gambling Hall Asks for Postlegate Cheating Case to be Dismissed

3 years ago
Stones Gambling Hall Asks for Postlegate Cheating Case to be Dismissed
07 Mar

Stones Gambling Hall, the Sacramento cardroom at the centre of the Mike Postle cheating allegations, have asked the court to throw out the $30million lawsuit that was launched on behalf of Postle’s fellow players in the live-streamed games.

Local newspaper The Sacramento Bee has reported that the Citrus Heights cardroom’s parent company, Kings Casino LLC, has filed a motion for dismissal.

The company, unrelated to the famous Kings Casino in Rozvadov, claims that the lawsuit “reflects the oldest complaint of gamblers — that their lack of success means they were cheated.”

Stones, who are being sued along with Mike Postle and poker manager Justin Kuraitis, added:

“Stones had no stake in who won money or lost money in the poker games. All Stones did was to provide a venue for the poker game. Plaintiffs decided whether they wanted to play, for how long, how much to bet, and in which hands to participate.”

The lawsuit was brought by the lawyer of choice for poker players and gamblers, Maurice ‘Mac’ VerStandig after Veronica ‘Angry_Polak’ Brill raised concerns that the livestreamed cash game was tainted.

A poker community investigation discovered multiple dubious and outright incredible plays by Postle, as well as a phenomenal winrate, the main theory being that he was receiving real-time help via communication devices hidden in his crotch and baseball cap.

In a statement this week, Stones Gambling Hall stated:

“We have found no evidence that indicates there was cheating in the games in question,” adding: “Stones is confident that it will prevail in this unwarranted lawsuit.”

Fellow lawsuit defendant Justin Kuraitis has previously claimed an investigation into Brill’s concerns had been carried out, stating:

“It is unfortunate that these allegations were made public with absolutely no evidence. The reputation of my team and an exciting/fun player are now being publicly mobbed.”

Mac Verstandig responded to the motion for dismissal, saying:

“I find it regrettable that they have elected to portray my clients as sore or otherwise frustrated losers. But we look forward to responding to their legal contentions through the judicial process and will do so in due course.”

As we reported earlier this week, a motion by Mike Postle to push back the deadline for his initial response to the lawsuit until March 24th, 2020, was granted.

Meanwhile, Stones’ legal team have asked for an April 16th hearing of their motion to dismiss.

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