Settlement Talks Disclosed Between Stones Gambling Hall, Alleged Cheating Victims

1 year ago
Settlement Talks Disclosed Between Stones Gambling Hall, Alleged Cheating Victims
12 Aug

Attorneys representing the remaining entities in the high-profile Mike Postle cheating case have informed the judge overseeing the case that the opposing sides have reached a settlement in principle, and that negotiations are ongoing over details. In a filing dated August 5, 2020, attorney Maurice “Mac” VerStandig has filed for a third extension of time in filing an amended complaint against the case’s remaining defendants, Stones Gambling Hall parent King’s Casino LLC and Stones employee Justin Kuraitis.

According to VerStandig’s filing:

“Counsel for the parties have reached an agreement as to the principal terms of a settlement of this case, but require additional time to finalize the settlement.”

The request for the third time extension follows two earlier requests in June and July for additional time to amend the initial complaint, a process made necessary by a ruling in June by presiding judge William B. Shubb that dismissed primary plaintiff and alleged cheater Mike Postle on a technicality related to California’s gambling laws.

In June, VerStandig had vowed to continue the case against Stones Gambling Hall and Kuraitis (who was alleged to have collaborated with Postle), posting the following on Twitter:

At some point in the past few weeks, talks between VerStandig and the lawyers shifted from a refiling of the case to negotiating a settlement. The reason for this week’s motion for a third time extension is the need for VerStandig and his legal team to communicate the proposed settlement terms to each of the 88 plaintiffs alleged to have been cheated by Postle in the suspicious “Stones Live!” streamed cash games. 

VerStandig also noted that the case was not filed as a class action, and that each of the 88 plaintiffs must agree individually to be included in the settlement. Case law allows Judge Shubb to be flexible in such situations, and as with the earlier requests, the judge is likely to grant the latest extension.

A separate case in Nevada featuring an 89th alleged cheating victim, Marle Cordeiro, continues on. That case contains legal elements such as interstate wire fraud that preclude Postle being dismissed from the action due solely to California gambling-law technicalities. However, Postle filed a motion to dismiss the Cordeiro case last month.

Our extensive coverage of the Postlegate scandal can be viewed below for those wishing to brush up on the entire case:

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