Mike Postle and Justin Kuraitis Speak Out as Mac Verstandig Admits No Forensic Evidence of Cheating

1 year ago
Mike Postle and Justin Kuraitis Speak Out as Mac Verstandig Admits No Forensic Evidence of Cheating
16 Sep

Mike Postle and Justin Kuriatis have finally made public statements about the Postelgate cheating scandal, the latter claiming he was “falsely accused” and received “death threats”, while Postle says his side of the “entire fiasco” will be told in a “wild documentary”.

In addition, the lawyer behind the $30million lawsuit in the case, Mac Verstandig, has admitted he found no forensic evidence that Stones Gambling Hall was involved in alleged cheating in the Postegate affair.

The Sacramento Bee newspaper reported the startling information in the long-running saga that saw Mike Postle, Stones Gambling  Hall and tournament director Justin Kuraitis involved in a $30million lawsuit for alleged cheating.

Verstandig admits ‘no evidence of cheating’ found

Mac Verstandig, the lawyer who represented 88 claimants in the lawsuit, told the Sac Bee this week:

“After reviewing evidence with the cooperation of Stones, my co-counsel and I have found no evidence supporting the plaintiffs’ claims against Stones, Stones Live Poker, or Justin Kuraitis.”

The case against Postle was thrown out of a California court earlier this summer, and that led to 61 of the 88 poker players accepting what Verstandig termed “an amicable settlement” in the remaining complaints against Stones and Kuraitis.

Verstandig reportedly stated:

“Based on our investigation, we are satisfied that Stones and Mr. Kuraitis were not involved in any cheating that may have occurred. While Stones has not spoken publicly regarding the details of their investigation during its pendency, its counsel and Mr. Kuraitis’ counsel have been immensely cooperative behind-the-scenes.”

Kuraitis’ attorney Richard Pachter stated:

“I would characterize the settlement as a complete vindication,” with sources describing the financial terms of the settlement as “nominal” and being made to “show good will.”

Postle claims his side of story will be told in ‘wild documentary’

Meanwhile, Mike Postle has also decided to speak out – a less-than-revealing appearance last year on the Mike Matusow podcast his only previous discussion of the case.

In a text message sent to the Sacramento Bee, Postle wrote:

“As much as I’d like to say, all I can really say right now is that I have my side of this entire fiasco to tell. It won’t just shock the poker and gambling industries, but the entire world."

The alleged poker cheat added cryptically:

“This all goes way beyond just my innocence, but includes an entire incredible 17+ year story along with it, and what’s happened since the allegations. In fact, it’s such a mind blowing story, that it’s being told to Dave Broome at 25/7 Productions who will be producing a wild documentary for the world to see on it! I’ve been waiting for many, many months on this and I’m anxious for it to finally come out. So to all the detractors and accusers who have asked, ‘Why hasn’t he spoken or provided his evidence of innocence and explanations?’ “Well guess what? ... Now you know.”

The documentary claims first surfaced last month when whistleblower Veronica Brill was apparently contacted by the director, who claimed Stones and Kuraitis were also involved.

There was no mention of this by either Stones or Kuraitis in this week’s Sac Bee revelations. 

Kuraitis attacks “propaganda machine” and defends Postle and Stones

Justin Kuraitis, however, has released a four-page statement defending himself, Postle and Stones, while attacking ‘social media mobs and internet bullies.’

Kuraitis claimed his silence until now was based on “the advice of counsel” because he was “voluntarily” co-operating with a California DoJ Bureau of Gambling Control investigation.

Apparently now freed from that restriction, Kuraitis laid into his detractors, accusing Joe Ingram of “peddling false statistics, cherry-picking hands to fit his theories and ignoring data that did not fit his version of the story.”

He also singled out Marle Cordeiro (whose separate lawsuit in Nevada was dismissed recently) and added “Doug Polk, Daniel Negreanu, Matt Berkey, Jason Somerville and many others not worth naming” to his list, Kuraitis claiming they all “jumped at the chance to be in the spotlight with numerous false claims.”

He also attacked Veronica Brill, the player and commentator who first took concerns about Postle’s play and winrate to Kuraitis for investigation.

Kuraitis, however, describes Brill as having a “penchant for making outrageous statements and frivolous claims about people,” and claims she “had nothing but her suspicion” when asked her basis for believing Postle was cheating.

Kuraitis’ full statement can be found via the tweet above or here.

This incredible new angle on the Postlegate scandal will likely spark a new swathe of investigations, recriminations, and possibly even further legal action.

We’ll keep you up-to-date with all the latest Postlegate news as and when it breaks.

If you missed anything connected to the case over the past year, our extensive coverage of the Postlegate scandal can be viewed below:

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