Bart Hanson Dissects New Postlegate Hands as Justin Kuraitis Sets Twitter Alight

1 year ago
Bart Hanson Dissects New Postlegate Hands as Justin Kuraitis Sets Twitter Alight
23 Sep

Bart Hanson is the latest pro to pick up the Postlegate challenge, adding some important new hand analyses to the slew of suspicious hands that Mike Postle played in his alleged cheating at Stones Live Poker...

The CrushLivePoker founder, owner and pro was stirred into action last week by the Twitter antics of Justin Kuraitis, the Stones Tournament Director who has finally gone public - and with a vengeance.

As we reported earlier, Kuraitis used the $40,000 settlement of the lawsuit against him and the Stones casino owners as a launchpad for a furious attack on the poker community.

Kuraitis, who claimed long-time critic Joey Ingram’s podcast was the only one would go on, and even then only if he was paid a minimum $20,000, also lambasted others in the industry.

Whistleblower Veronica Brill, Marle Cordeiro, Doug Polk, Daniel Negreanu, Matt Berkey and Jason Somerville all came under fire by Kuraitis, who believes Mike Postle did not cheat.

Bart Hanson's video spent an hour looking into many of the hands played by Postle, adding some previously unanalysed new hands into the mix.

‘The AA vs K2dd hands and also the Jh 7s hand are new and are particularly egregious,’ says Hanson in his YouTube explanation, having usefully separated many of  Postle’s various remarkable plays into different groups, such as bluffs/calls/etc.

Kuraitis’ defence of not only himself and his employer, but also Mike Postle, has incensed the vast majority of the poker community who believe Postle’s bizarre play and behaviour are proof enough of cheating.

Many of the pros who investigated Postle’s play when the cheating scandal first blew wide open last year responded on Twitter with Kuraitis and Hanson also exchanging blows on social media.

With a documentary supposedly in the making, possible criminal action still to be signed off on, and no sign of the very public arguments on Twitter dying down, it seems that Postlegate refuses to die quietly.

If you missed anything connected to the case over the past year, our extensive coverage of the Postlegate scandal can be viewed below:

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