Justin Kuraitis Goes Quiet On Twitter Following Postlegate Backlash

1 year ago
Justin Kuraitis Goes Quiet On Twitter Following Postlegate Backlash
02 Oct

Silence is golden is a well-worn phrase, but in the case of Postlegate cheating scandal suspect Justin Kuraitis and his fellow Mike Postle apologists, it’s very unusual –  the noisiest of Twitter accounts suddenly gone quiet.

It may have felt like a lifetime to those forced to follow them, but there was in fact only a week’s worth of incredible tweets from Stones Gambling Hall TD Kuraitis between news of the civil lawsuit settlement and his recent ‘loose lips sink ships’ approach.

Those tweets had ranged from a 4-page statement as to why almost the entire poker community had wronged him.

In it he called out Joey Ingram and Veronica Brill for special attention, as well as numerous other high-profile pros who produced evidence that Mike Postle was not only repeatedly cheating in a livestreamed cash game, but likely had help

 The pros fought back, naturally, and had plenty of help refuting the attacks by Kuraitis and his crew – and additional help arrived to help prove that Postle’s unbelievable play was far from kosher.

Bart Hanson appeared on the scene to offer several more hands of the most ridiculous nature, but that was quickly attacked by Kuraitis – although his poker pedigree hardly matches those of his enemies…

Kuraitis finished his week worth of assaults on players, poker media and anyone else convinced of Postle’s guilt, and the likelihood he had help, by taking aim at WIRED journalist Brendan Koerner.

Koerner had produced an article that gave Kuraitis, Postle and others involved the chance to give their side the scandal in a non-poker-focused medium.

Kuraitis declined, although he was then happily calling Koerner out on Twitter

The person many suspect of being the ‘inside man’ at Stones - who allegedly gave or allowed Postle to access real-time information during the games - also called on Phil Galfond to check some cherry-picked information that came from his erstwhile pro-Postle accomplices, Rounder Life magazine.

Mike Postle allegedly used to work for Rounder Life, and although that has been denied by its founder Evert Caldwell, the RL Twitter account has been used to scattershot the Postlegate scandal debate with screeds of articles and information.

RounderLife claim that the numbers don’t add up, although refuse to answer any questions on the myriad other evidence that Postle’s play could only have been a cheat at work.

They haven’t been quite as silent as Kuraitis this week, but have yet to convince anyone (anyone who will actually put their name to it, that is) of Postle’s innocence.

The @PokerHeroes1 account is another that has switched to silent mode, roughly the same time as Kuraitis’, and it is believed that Kuraitis – who had responsibility for the Stones Gambling Hall Twitter account - is behind this one as well.

Given the @PokerHeroes1 Twitter content, it is entirely possible that is produced by Kuraitis in conjunction with RounderLife’s Caldwell.

Its tweets have mainly targeted the pros who have produced evidence showing Postle’s play was unnatural in every respect, and the list of targets generally matches those named by Kuraitis in his statement 2 weeks ago. 

As reported by Jon Sofen this week, ‘another account that repeatedly defends Postle and attacks those who call him a cheater — @poker_thug (“Poker Derelict”) — recently changed his/her Twitter account to private. That means anyone he/she doesn’t follow can no longer see tweets.’

Perhaps the pro-Postle community has been advised to keep schtum, or perhaps they are all on holiday or celebrating their ‘victory’. Either way, it has been a pleasant few days of silence – long may it last!

If you missed anything connected to the case over the past year, our extensive coverage of the Postlegate scandal can be viewed below:

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