Mike Postle’s Internet Trolls Disappear Along with Alleged Cheat

1 year ago
Mike Postle’s Internet Trolls Disappear Along with Alleged Cheat
26 Jan

It would appear that alleged poker cheat Mike Postle isn’t the only one of his rag-tag band who has done a disappearing act, his followers and troll accounts also going quiet, even as his accusers stand up to be counted in the law courts… 

Very few people in the poker world believe that Postle is innocent of the cheating claims that have made the headlines for more than a year now.

If you’ve missed anything in the long-running cheating scandal, you can catch up on every aspect of the Postlegate affair below, but for now it seems that the Sacramento-based pro and his small group of allies have disappeared.

The rats leaving the sinking ship was first noticed when whistleblower Veronica Brill’s lawyer put out an MIA alert for Postle himself…


And as we revealed last week, Postle’s own lawyer has disavowed the cardsharp just weeks before the courts are slated to hear anti-SLAPP motions from Brill and Todd Witteles. Both were named in Postle’s $330million defamation lawsuit, and both have vowed to fight the infamous alleged cheat’s attempts to silence his critics.

In the last year and a half, however, there have been several Twitter accounts claiming that Postle is innocent.

Some were devoted to spreading ‘alternative facts’, while others focused on abusing those who believe Postle did indeed cheat the livestreamed cash game at Stones Gambling Hall in California.

Cardschat’s Jon Sofen was the first to point out that Twitter accounts such as @PokerHeroes1 and @poker_thug seem to have given up on their defence of Postle, though rather late in the day.

Sofen mentions the latter account’s tweet aimed at Marle Cordeiro:

“Aren’t you the woman poker player who makes videos about fucking and sucking guys off for buy ins to play poker?”

The poker pro and vlogger launched her own separate lawsuit against Postle, but that was dismissed, as was the $30million lawsuit brought by close to 100 players. The latter dismissal was met with shock and incredulity by the majority of the poker community.

Such offensive public statements were par for the course from the account, while @PokerHeroes1 went a step further, compiling videos of Postle’s accusers to specifically show them in a bad light.

Some, including Todd Witteles, believe the PokerHeroes account is actually the work of Justin Kuraitis, who many still believe to have been the inside man helping Postle with the alleged cheating.

We reported extensively on Kuraitis in the aftermath of the initial failed lawsuit, the former Stones tournament director lashing out at his accusers.

Kuraitis hasn’t been heard of on Twitter since September last year, while PokerHeroes went silent a couple of weeks later.

Many believed it was connected to plans by Kuraitis to launch his own defamation lawsuit, but given how badly Postle’s attempts have gone to grab some money from his most high-profile detractors it seems rather unlikely that will ever happen.

Meanwhile @RounderLife, the twitter account belonging to the magazine of the same name that Postle worked for, is still alive and kicking.

They have toned down their Postle defence somewhat, however, having previously swamped the Postlegate discussion with unsubstantiated numbers, while refusing to debate other elements of the investigation.

If you missed anything connected to the case over the past year, our extensive coverage of the Postlegate scandal can be viewed below:

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