Mike Postle Case Update: HONR Network Clarifies Involvement

8 months ago
Mike Postle Case Update: HONR Network Clarifies Involvement
23 Mar

New information concerning the HONR Network, an advocacy group performing work on behalf of alleged poker cheat Mike Postle, has emerged. According to a statement from the HONR Network, claims that the organization was “retained” by Postle are incorrect. Instead, it was the HONR Network that reached out to Postle after learning of the involvement in the case of one of the defendants’ attorneys, Veronica Brill counsel Marc Randazza.

Last week, prior to the formal hearing in which Postle was granted a second continuance in his $330 million libel action against Brill and 11 other defendants, Brill Tweeted this:

According to an HONR Network spokesperson, Brill’s Tweet was largely incorrect. Postle did not solicit help from the group, but rather, the group itself offered some services to Postle after learning of attorney Randazza’s involvement in the case.

The HONR Network’s Director of Public Relations and Policy, Alexandrea Merrell, said:

“The HONR Network was not contacted by Mr. Postle or any of his friends or family members. They had no idea that our organization existed. Volunteers of the HONR Network started investigating the case because of Mr. Randazza’s connection. He is the attorney for one of the defendants in this case.”
Merrell’s statement then went on to explain HONR Network’s own background. The group was founded by Lenny Pozner, the father of the youngest victim of the youngest victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting.

“Over the years,” said Merrell, “[Pozner] has had to take multiple conspiracy theorists to court for defamation, harassment, threats, etc. While we assist anyone who is being abused online, many of our volunteers are focused on following and reporting new threats and civil rights violating behavior emanating from conspiracy theorists and the worst kind of trolls and they report new abuse perpetrated by these people.”
Foremost among the alleged defamers sued by Pozner was conspiracy-theorist-for-profit Alex Jones, and that in turn led to the group’s knowledge of Randazza. Merrell forwarded a link to a Huffington Post feature on Randazza, titled “Connecticut Judge: Attorney Marc Randazza Is Too Unethical To Represent Alex Jones”. According to HuffPost, Jones hired Randazza for his experience in defending against defamation claims, but fired him soon after, since the presiding judge cited extensive lawyerly misdeeds by Randazza and refused to allow the attorney to participate in the case. The HuffPost feature details some of those transgressions.

Randazza has appeared on Jones’ far-right-wing “InfoWars” shows on several occasions, and like Jones, he remains on the HONR Network’s radar. That relationship helped lead the HONR Network to the high-profile Postle case. HONR’s Merrell offered even more detail on her group’s relationship with Postle:

“Mr. Postle did not contact the HONR Network, we contacted him after we became aware of Mr. Randazza’s involvement.” Merrell’s latest statement omits an element mentioned days ago in another online feature, where she previously stated, “Multiple third parties contacted us over the past several months to look into the case.”
Merrell added, in the statement for PokerTube:

“Mr. Postle did not convince our organization to help him. After we reviewed content online about Mr. Postle, we reached out to him to offer assistance in removing defamatory content and to assist him in finding an appropriate attorney."

Merrell still disclaimed the notion that her group had a vendetta against Randazza, instead noting that the group’s focus remains eliminating a broad range of rights-violating behavior online.

“We simply became aware of the Postle case because volunteers reported Randazza,” she said.
“Additionally, the HONR Network is a non-profit organization. We do not charge fees and we do not create retainers. The attorney...” -- it was actually Todd Witteles’ attorney, Eric Benzamochan, who blind-referenced HONR Network’s involvement during Postle’s continuation hearing -- “...also insinuated that the HONR Network is some sort of public relations firm, perhaps because my title is Director of Public Relations and Policy. The exhibit referenced is the letter that I sent to the court, alerting them that the HONR Network was providing research and cataloging the defamation, doxing, harassment, threats, and other civil rights and TOS-violating content. Whether the attorney misunderstood or was purposefully obtuse, the HONR Network does not provide public relations services. I would also like to make it clear, our role is not to defend Mr. Postle or investigate his guilt or innocence. That was the role of the courts. We do not take a side. Our entire role is the reporting and removal of civil rights violating content, of which we found a staggering amount in this case.”
While Postle has self-doxxed on more than one occasion, which has created unnecessary complications, he has also reported receiving violent threats, aimed not only at him but at family members as well.

If you missed anything connected to the case over the past year, our extensive coverage of the Postlegate scandal can be viewed below:

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