Todd Witteles Chases Mike Postle for $43,000 in Legal Fees

9 months ago
Todd Witteles Chases Mike Postle for $43,000 in Legal Fees
10 Apr

Alleged poker cheat Mike Postle is being chased for more than $43,000 in legal fees by one of the people he accused of defamation, Poker Fraud Alert founder Todd Witteles taking the legal route himself this week…

Witteles was among 12 defendants named in Postle’s $330million defamation lawsuit, which was sensationally dropped last week by the man accused of receiving outside help to screw over fellow players during live-streamed cash games at Stones Gambling Hall in Sacramento, California.

Whistleblower Veronica Brill, along with Witteles, both launched anti-SLAPP lawsuits, claiming that Postle’s defamation claims were simply designed to stifle free speech.

Veronica Brill, who will also be chasing legal fees from Postle, this week described Postle’s lawsuit as “a big scam,” adding:

“I don’t think he had any evidence to back anything he said up."

Brill continued in her YouTube podcast:

“I don’t think he was prepared to actually have a real lawsuit against me and all these other people. I don’t think he could find a lawyer that would fight with him that he could afford, so he backed out of this lawsuit.”

Although a judge is yet to certify Postle’s ‘request for dismissal’, this week saw Witteles’ lawyer, Eric Bensamochan, file a claim to recover the legal fees on behalf of Witteles.

That filing states that $42,879.50 in attorney’s fees and at least $435 in court costs are being sought by Witteles, all of which “were directly related to, or at a minimum, were ‘inextricably intertwined’ with the Anti-SLAPP motion,” according to Bensamochan.

Blaming Postle and his SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) lawsuit for his client incurring the fees and costs in defence, Witteles’ lawyer explained:

“This was a First Amendment case, and one that could not have been taken lightly. As a matter of public policy, and in order to effectuate the intent and purpose of the SLAPP statute, it is critical that Defendant Witteles be fully compensated for his decision to present a defense to Plaintiff’s claims in this action and vindicate his right to speak openly about controversial topics.”

Presiding judge, Hon. Shama H. Mesiwala of the Sacramento County Superior Court in California is expected to rule on the anti-SLAPP motions later this month.

If you missed anything connected to the case over the past year, our extensive coverage of the Postlegate scandal can be viewed below:

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