Veronica Brill Chasing Mike Postle for Legal Fees

9 months ago
Veronica Brill Chasing Mike Postle for Legal Fees
29 Apr

Veronica Brill is going after Mike Postle to recoup her legal fees after he pulled out of a defamation lawsuit leaving her with a hefty bill. Brill is seeking as much as $78,600 in damages for what she paid to defend herself in the lawsuit. With 11 others in the same position Mike Postle could find himself facing bankruptcy by the end of the year.


There’s no doubt about it now that this legal filing from Mike Postle seeking an eye-watering $330 million in damages for libel was frivolous. The alleged cheat looks to have been trying to scare the poker community into getting off his case after finding himself in a situation where now literally nobody believes he is innocent.

Todd Witteles was another of the defendants who is now taking aim at Postle. He wants at least $43,000 paid back or else Postle will find himself being dragged through the courts once again.

Postle’s case was formally dismissed last week when judge Shama L. Mesiwala confirmed that Brill and Witteles both have a legal right to seek attorney’s fees from him. Speaking to Cardschat News Brill’s own lawyer Marc J. Randazza explained how Postle now doesn’t have a leg to stand on and can expect to be paying both Brill and Witteles before long.

“California law is crystal clear on this. If you file a SLAPP suit, and you try to cut and run after getting hit with an anti-SLAPP motion, you are deemed the losing party and have to pay the prevailing party’s fees. Now, he doesn’t even have a prayer of being the prevailing party.”
There’s unlikely to be many people in the poker community sad at the thought of Mike Postle getting a small piece of comeuppance.

If you missed anything connected to the case over the past year, our extensive coverage of the Postlegate scandal can be viewed below:

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