Mike Postle’s Ex-Wife Reveals All to Veronica Brill

5 months ago
Mike Postle’s Ex-Wife Reveals All to Veronica Brill
10 Jun

Veronica Brill has published a revealing interview with Mike Postle’s ex-wife. The former commentator for Stones Live got together with Sabina Johnson for an hour-long chat where we heard many stories that only served to confirm what the poker community already thinks about the alleged cheater.

Johnson married Postle in 2011 when she was modelling for Rounder Life Magazine, a publication that has defended him to the hilt during the most recent controversy. Now it turns out that he allegedly was an investor and might have been using their Twitter account to put himself in a more positive light.

Scams, Arrests, and Domestic Abuse

Johnson looks emotionally affected as she details Postle’s alleged scams from the past. She fires out several accusations of poor behaviour during their marriage.

It’s not just alleged scams involving poker games of some description, but in all of his life. Johnson tells how Postle allegedly scammed Grand Sierra Resort in Reno by placing hard meat in his dish and then blaming the chef for a tooth that was broken somewhere else.

In other incidents, Postle allegedly filed a lawsuit over falling in a hole that wasn’t clearly marked, and then allegedly got himself comped a free hotel room after claiming a broken mirror was a danger to his daughter. This is the behaviour of a serial scammer, constantly looking out for what he can get out of people.

On a darker note, Johnson claims that Mike Postle is also a serial jailbird, allegedly having been sent down three times for domestic abuse during their time together. She adds that she is still scared of him and keeps a dog at home for protection.

Although no evidence is given, the interview is already painting a vivid picture.

Postle has allegedly also shown his violent side outside of his home, with several alleged arrests chalked up inside casinos and an alleged charge for assaulting a security guard.

Johnson even provides screenshots of text messages from her ex-husband that she claims is an attempt to use their daughter as leverage to prevent her from speaking out against him. That’s as shady as you can get, if true.

Anti-SLAPP Update

Veronica Brill is set to hear judgement on her $79,000 anti-SLAPP lawsuit against Mike Postle next week. After Postle postured and filed suits against several people, he then backed out of it all after being dumped by his legal team.

Now Brill is going after him for every cent that she spent in legal fees. Todd Witteles won $27,000 last month for what can be assumed to be an identical filing, so it’s looking good for the woman who was once a good friend of Postle.

Unfortunately, it looks like Johnson is unable to provide any proof of how Postle is supposed to have cheated at Stones. She repeatedly states how she knows he cheated for sure because of how well she knows him, but can’t give us any specifics that would allow somebody to get the case back into a courtroom.

We look forward to hearing if Mike Postle has any comment to make.

If you missed anything connected to the case over the past year, our extensive coverage of the Postlegate scandal can be viewed below:

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