Mike Postle in Trouble as Court Rejects Legal Papers Ahead of Veronica Brill Hearing

1 year ago
Mike Postle in Trouble as Court Rejects Legal Papers Ahead of Veronica Brill Hearing
11 Jun

Things are going from bad to worse for alleged poker cheat Mike Postle, a California court rejecting his latest filing in the same week as his ex-wife publicly accused him of domestic abuse and multiple frauds...

Last month Postle was ordered to pay Todd Witteles $27k after the Poker Fraud Alert founder chased the now-infamous Sacramento pro for costs following Postle’s failed $330million defamation lawsuit.

This month it is whistleblower Veronica Brill’s turn to seek recompense after Postle dropped his lawsuit following Brill and Witteles filed anti-SLAPP motions.

That brings us to yesterday’s debacle that saw Postle’s latest filing rejected by the clerk of the court as it wasn’t in “proper legal pleading format.”

Postle was told in writing:

“It is the responsibility of the filing party to review any applicable statute, California Rules of Court, California Code of Civil Procedure, and Sacramento Superior Court Local Rules prior to submitting documents.”

This doesn’t bode well for the man whose own lawyer asked to be excused from representing himself and who has apparently been receiving legal advice from a friend of his mother.

That was only one of the bombshells dropped by his ex-wife, Sabina Johnson, in an explosive interview with Veronica Brill.

Johnson catalogued a long list of alleged Postle scams, abuse, violence and arrests during the hour-long chat with the woman who first raised concerns about Postle’s bizarre table behaviour during his livestreamed winning streak at Stones Gambling House.

Among the as-yet unverified claims...

  • Postle “fleeced” numerous casinos and hotels with fake injury claims during his marriage to Johnson
  • Postle has been jailed three times for domestic abuse
  • Postle assaulted a casino security guard
  • Postle was an “investor” in Rounder Life magazine

Johnson also shared screenshots of text messages with Postle that clearly show him trying to use their teenage daughter as leverage to prevent his ex-wife from speaking out about their marriage and life together.

Postle’s next court appearance is slated for June 19th, when he will try to persuade the court to refuse Brill’s claims for legal fees of up to $77,677.50 and additional costs of $961.61.

If you missed anything connected to the case over the past year, our extensive coverage of the Postlegate scandal can be viewed below:

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