Mike Postle Gets Court Extension in Bid to Avoid Bankruptcy over Poker-Related Debts

10 months ago
Mike Postle Gets Court Extension in Bid to Avoid Bankruptcy over Poker-Related Debts
22 Aug

Mike Postle has been given a 1-month extension by a California court in his involuntary bankruptcy case, the alleged poker cheat fighting the $55,000 court cost judgments against him in his failed $330million libel suit.

It is the newest chapter in the long-running saga involving the Sacramento poker pro who was accused of cheating a livestreamed cash game at Stones Gambling Hall in 2019.

Postle had to drop his libel lawsuit brought against 12 people and organisations, with whistleblowing commentator, Veronica Brill, and Poker Fraud Alert founder, Todd Witteles bringing anti-SLAPP lawsuits against Postle.

With his lawyer quitting and no replacement to be found, Postle ended up being ordered to pay roughly $27,000 each to Brill and Witteles.

However, with no payment forthcoming, lawyers for Brill and Witteles filed a joint involuntary bankruptcy petition, and as we reported previously Postle had until this week to oppose it.

He did so in a filing labelled “bizarre” by Witteles’ attorney Eric Bensamochan, with Postle claiming not only had he not received timely notification of the bankruptcy petition, but that it was “made in bad faith” and “filed out of spite”.

Those latter claims relate to an ongoing dispute between Brill’s lawyer, Marc Randazza, and one-time unofficial legal aide to Postle, Alexandra Merrell.

According to Poker.org’s Haley Hintze, Bensamochan stated:

“Mr. Postle seems to convolute what he perceives as mistreatment by Mr. Randazza and the fact that he filed a frivolous lawsuit... I am eager to see him file his schedules and fully disclose all of his debts and assets.”

Postle claims that his assets amount to zero, having been “unable to work for the past year and a half after his client [whistleblower Veronica Brill] defamed me and claimed that I was a poker cheat.”

He also revealed that there could be as many as 12 creditors, including two credit card companies, and has reportedly been given an extension until mid-September.

The Alex Jones/InfoWars connection

This part of the Postlegate fallout revolves around the Randazza-Merrell conflict, with Brill’s lawyer, Marc Randazza, representing Alex Jones, while Alexandra Merrell is connected to the HONR network set up to counter conspiracy theories around the Sandy Hook massacre.

That incident saw 20 children and six adults shot to death at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut in December 2012.

Jones and his Infowars network continue to claim that the tragic incident never took place, and Randazza is defending him on 1st Amendment rights grounds, with ongoing cases in Connecticut and Texas.

Postle’s extension filing this week reportedly includes claims of “witness intimidation”, allegedly occurring during a three-way discussion between Randazza, Postle, and Merrell.

Brill’s lawyer is alleged to have called Merrell “a fucking cunt”, though Randazza claims this is untrue.

In a text message to Postle, asking him to withdraw his comments, Randazza stated:

“You need do nothing more than send a letter stating that you made an error. That indeed, I did say ‘fucking liar’ — I will never deny that. But I certainly did not call Merrell a ‘fucking bitch’ nor a ‘fucking cunt’”.

Randazza admitted he may have thought such things, but stated: “they never came out of my mouth”.

Postle responded by describing Randazza as, “beyond unprofessional”, adding:

“There’s really no reason to contact me other than to continue harassing and threatening me.”

If you missed anything connected to the case over the past year, our extensive coverage of the Postlegate scandal can be viewed below:

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