Mike Postle Invited To Doug Polk's Podcast Return

1 year ago
Mike Postle Invited To Doug Polk's Podcast Return
03 Dec

The most notorious, alleged cheater in poker history has been invited to one of the largest poker platforms to speak his piece regarding the poker scandal that has torn the poker world apart for the last two years. Doug Polk is ready to let Mike Postle use his platform and explain himself.

The Scandal

In case you were living under a rock for the past two years, here’s a quick rundown of Postle’s cheating scandal.

  • Veronica Brill brought Postle’s questionable play to attention in a series of tweets and discussed it with Stones Gambling Hall staff.
  • The poker community banded together and delved into countless hours of footage and revealed a number of suspicious behaviors and plays.
  • A lawsuit to the tune of $10 million was brought against Postle but eventually dismissed due to a legal technicality.
  • Postle retaliated with a $330 million defamation lawsuit against Brill and eleven others. The judge eventually dropped the case.
  • Brill and Todd Witteles were awarded over $55,000 after winning anti-SLAPP lawsuits against Postle.
  • And most recently, Postle was hit with an involuntary bankruptcy order to recover the money owed to Brill and Witteles.

Polk’s Return

Doug Polk has “retired” and returned to the poker world numerous times over the last five or so years, but on a recent livestream on his YouTube channel he discussed yet another return. This article discusses his history of stepping away just to return to poker a few months later.

After beating Daniel Negreanu in a heads-up challenge earlier this year, Polk returned to making poker content on his YouTube channel as he’s done in the past. Due to recently getting married, there has been a lull in content from him this past month.

His most recent live stream discusses his return and some of the plans he has for his channel.

“It’s been a little bit,” Polk said in his late November podcast. “We just had a several week hiatus. I actually went out to the island of Maui and got married and went on my honeymoon in Bora Bora. I’ve been out of the mix.”
At one point in the podcast, Polk and his team talked about Mike Postle and some of the recent developments, and Polk said he would have Postle on his podcast to discuss the situation.

“I would love, love, to have Mike Postle as a guest of the podcast,” Polk said. “Postle, if you’re listening, just come on the pod, man. Everyone would love to hear you talk, we have a lot of things to discuss, [like] what’s going on with the legal situation.”
According to Mike Brady, a member of Polk’s team, Postle and Polk did exchange direct messages when the situation was developing. Brady said Polk invited Postle on the podcast two years ago, but Postle was hesitant to join until he had counter evidence.

Whether Postle agrees to be a guest on the podcast is still up in the air, but some public comments from him would do him good in the long term.

If you have missed out on any of the drama surrounding Postle you can catch up below!

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