Mike Postle Returns: Accused Cheater Shocks Poker Scene with Pseudonym at $500,000 GTD Beau Rivage Event

3 weeks ago
Mike Postle Returns: Accused Cheater Shocks Poker Scene with Pseudonym at $500,000 GTD Beau Rivage Event
17 Jan

Mike Postle, the poker player who was accused of cheating in 2019 during Stones Live streams, has made a shock return to the poker scene, playing under a pseudonym. The accused cheater was spotted during the early rounds and reached the final table in a $500,000 GTD tournament at Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.

No Redemption

Mike Postle was alleged to have used an electronic device, perhaps in conjunction with a member of the Stones Casino production team, to gain access to his opponent's hole cards. He denied the allegations and was never convicted or charged with any crime, although he did end up embroiled in multiple lawsuits.

The accusations against Postle revolved around his remarkable ability to make profitable moves in difficult situations, frequently executing bold bluffs, even when his opponents had strong hands. However, despite these allegations, he had a history of being a decent poker player, particularly in Mississippi cash games during the peak of the poker industry. He had amassed over $500,000 in tournament winnings, with his highest payout being $118,000.

He has taken a low-profile since then, going to ground with reported financial difficulties, but his recent return has sparked anger among the poker community. Many are unhappy that he is allowed to play given the seriousness of the accusations against him.

As rumours spread that Postle was participating in the $1,200 buy-in tournament, there was a fast-growing sense of dissatisfaction on poker Twitter.

@propunter89 posted on Twitter:
"Dude robbed TONS of people and gets to just live like it never happened. A true human scumbag if there ever was one."
According to the official chip count report, Postle had registered for the tournament under the name "Michael Lawrence," his legal first and middle name, keeping his last name and hometown concealed. However, once his identity was revealed, the news of his participation spread quickly.

A photo of his chip slip following the overnight bag ‘n’ tag indicated he had indeed been playing under his usual “Mike Postle” name and the casino chose to report his name differently, no doubt to avoid unnecessary controversy and to avoid harming the casino name.

It was Angela Jordison who first brought attention to Postle's participation in the Beau Rivage event, as she received a text message and photo that revealed Postle's presence at the tournament. .

She shared the photo on Twitter and it quickly circulated among the poker community. Most people couldn’t believe he had the nerve to reappear given that 99% of the poker community is convinced of the serious allegations.

Mike Postle Out in 7th Place for $32,703

Yesterday, Mike Postle took a seat at the final table of the $1,200 buy-in Million Dollar Heater series Main Event and busted out in seventh place for a $32,703 score.

As you might expect, the player who knocked him out, Brock Gary, couldn’t resist needling Postle with a slowroll while holding top pair, facing a small all-in. Brock said:
"That's for all the cheating you've done."
In the years following the accusations, Postle has largely avoided the spotlight, either playing poker online or keeping a low profile in live games. As per Hendon Mob, his last recorded live tournament cash was in August 2019, shortly before the allegations surfaced.

It's unclear if Postle will ever be able to overcome the accusations and regain some modicum of reputation in the poker world. Most of the community remain sceptical of his return, and some are demanding for him to be banned from playing in tournaments altogether.

But the problem is that Postle has yet to be convicted of any crime and is entitled to participate in tournaments like any other player. The fact that many other players have had their reputations damaged over the last year only complicates the matter further, even though some of those players have indeed found themselves unwelcome at certain live events.

Veronica Brill Goes After Mike Postle’s Prize Money

Veronica Brill and Todd Witteles are still reportedly owed more than $25,000 in legal fees by Mike Postle. Brill quickly hooked up with a Mississippi lawyer on Twitter to see if anything can be done to claim from Postle’s prize money, but it wasn’t looking good given the short notice.

If you have missed out on any of the drama surrounding Postle you can catch up below!

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