Mike Postle is Paid Poker Winnings as Veronica Brill Lien Filing Too Late

2 weeks ago
Mike Postle is Paid Poker Winnings as Veronica Brill Lien Filing Too Late
20 Jan

Poker’s most notorious cheat, Mike Postle, has reportedly been paid his $32k winnings by MGM-owned Beau Rivage Casino despite attempts by Veronica Brill to have the money frozen to pursue unpaid legal fees she is owed...

As we disclosed yesterday, initial reports appeared to show that Brill, the whistleblower who told the world about Postle’s cheating, had been successful in stage one of her bid to recoup the $27k she is owed by Postle for his failed $330million defamation lawsuit.

However, a series of tweets from the lawyer who offered his help for free to block Postle from cashing out his 7th place earnings from the Beau Rivage Million Dollar Heater Main Event brought bad news.

Poker-playing Mississippi attorney, Roger Chhabra, explained where things went wrong: “Mississippi does have electronic court filing, however, the first step of enrolling California Judgment could only be done by filing physical documents and fees at the courthouse. The enrollment of judgment was made in Harrison County where the Beau Rivage is located.

“A garnishment writ was issued and sent to general counsel for MGM. Unfortunately, by the time the writ was served, according to lawyers for MGM, the Beau was no longer holding the funds. I assume Postle was paid.”

Postle owes Brill $27,745 and PokerFraudAlert guru Todd Witteles $26,982 after his $330million defamation lawsuit against the pair and 10 other individuals was withdrawn, and anti-SLAPP lawsuits were filed against the Sacramento pro.

When news of Postle’s winning return to poker hit the internet newsstands, it was hoped that Brill and Witteles might both be made right, at least partially.

However, as Brill’s defamation lawsuit defense lawyer, Marc Randazza, confirmed to PokerNews:

“By the time we identified him and got our court documents filed, the casino was compelled under Mississippi gaming law to pay him out. So, he got away...this time. But if he thinks we are just going to go away, he is mistaken.”

Chhabra revealed the silver lining:

“There is still upside to what transpired...the Judgment will remain good in Mississippi for 7 years and can be renewed for unlimited # of 7-year periods. Now that the Judgment is enrolled in Mississippi, a writ of garnishment could be issued electronically much quicker than paper filing at the courthouse.”

Chhabra revealed his reasons for helping Brill for free:

“I did not and will not ask for any fees for my work on this. I don’t have a dog in this hunt other than to be a small part of helping our poker community have more integrity, transparency and accountability. Veronica and I are grateful for the poker community for bringing attention to the fact that Postle was in that spot. If Postle steps foot in another Mississippi casino, please alert me so that a new garnishment can be issued and served before he can get paid.”

Randazza also revealed that the money owed by Postle “increases at 10% interest,” while it remains unpaid.

“He's either going to have to run forever, never make any money, or his evasion is actually a pretty good investment. We wouldn't be getting 10% APR on our money in any bank account.”

If you have missed out on any of the drama surrounding Postle you can catch up below!

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